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Carbon Facial in Varanasi

Imagine meeting with the technology that completely facilitates getting radiant and flawless skin. Doesn’t that sound great? Skin Savvy by Dr. Garima provides high-end techniques for carbon facials in Varanasi. It is a widely used technique in today’s time that is proving to be very effective in making the skin beautiful, especially for those who are struggling with their black spots, black patches,uneven skin texture, etc.

What is Carbon Facial?

Carbon Facial is a non-invasive skin and top rated facial treatment that deeply cleanses and revitalizes the skin. It is also known as “Black Diamond Facial“. The procedure of a carbon facial treatment is quite popular for improving skin texture and eliminating various skin-related problems.

Benefits of Carbon Facial Treatment

  • Best for skin rejuvenation
    Carbon facial is a very effective in rejuvenating the skin, which is one of the primary skin-related benefits of emerging technology. In this process, activated carbon is used, which penetrates the pores very minutely and removes the impurities. It promotes the turnover of cells, as a result of which the ability to create a fresh and rejuvenated state in the skin increases significantly.

  • Deep cleansing of pores
    Carbon facial is suitable for all those in need who have been suffering from the problem of enlarged pores and blackheads for a long time. Under this process, carbon particles get stuck with the pollutants, and as a result, it eliminates them during the entire process. And makes the skin smooth and clear.

  • Greatly improves skin texture
    This process is not limited to just cleaning; it is also very effective in improving the texture of the skin. The carbon facial process also stimulates collagen production, which helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also increases the elasticity of the skin.

Pre-Post Procedures

  • At the beginning of the carbon facial process, a carbon lotion is applied to the face, and then a special type of laser is used to activate the carbon particles. This process, along with thoroughly cleaning the skin, also promotes collagen production.

  • Generally, the process of a carbon facial lasts for about 30 minutes, after which the person can resume his daily activities after some time. After the treatment, the patient is given some suggestions, which include staying hydrated, using some important skin care products, and avoiding direct exposure to sunlight.

Why choose SkinSavvy for Carbon Facial in Varanasi?

Carbon facial is a leading skin care procedure, and despite that, the price of Carbon Facial in Varanasi is quite affordable. We, along with our skilled experts, provide all kinds of skin-related treatments to patients after a thorough examination and as per their needs. We ensure that every individual suffering from any type of skin disease gets cured without any complications. Our one-to-one consulting service makes us capable in the field of dermatology as compared to other famous dermatologists in Varanasi. We hope that our continuous efforts and the services we offer will make us one of the leading skin care clinics across India.

Frequently Asked Queries (FAQs)

Is the Carbon Facial Skin Care Procedure suitable for all skin types?

Yes, it is not wrong to say that carbon facial is generally effective for all skin types. However, individuals with specific skin conditions or concerns should consult a dermatologist before undergoing treatment.

How often should a carbon facial be done?

This is not a fix; it depends on individual skin and individual concerns. But for most of the time, our experts recommend taking at least one session every 4-6 weeks for a higher result.

Is there any age restriction for carbon facial treatments?

This process is completely safe and can be utilized by any age group. However, minors should undergo a carbon facial only with the consent of their parents.

Can pregnant women also opt for a carbon facial procedure?

This is not so easy to respond to because, whenever it comes to pregnancy, we first advise that pregnant women should consult their health care provider. Although the procedure is generally quite safe, it is an important step to take personal health considerations into account.

Are the results of the carbon facial treatment permanent?

It would not be right for us to call the results of carbon facial treatment permanent, but it is never wrong to commit that its results will keep your skin attractive for a long time. If you want the overall benefits to be permanent, you will need to stick to regular sessions prescribed by your dermatologist.

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